Best CBSE School in Pendurthi, Vizag - Classes Nursery to 10th


Best CBSE School in Pendurthi

Pendurthi Campus

Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, CBSE School in Pendurthi adheres to the syllabus and curriculum prescribed by the CBSE Board for Grades 1 to 10. The teaching methodology is customized to suit the needs of the learners by emphasizing their individual personality traits and improving their Cognitive, Aesthetic, and Kinesthetic Skills.
To promote holistic development, the CBSE curriculum of this school is designed in such a way that a Grade 1 child devotes 60% of his time spent in school on academics and 40% engaged in activities. This proportion evolves as the child moves to the higher grades. By the time the child reaches Grade 10, she/he will be spending 80% of time on academics and 20% on activities.
The school offers admission from Nursery to Grade 10.
All the classrooms of our CBSE school in Pendurthi are aesthetically designed and well equipped with all the materials and technology, for creating a vibrant, inspirational and cheerful learning atmosphere. The entire school is air conditioned, with hundred percent power backup and an RO filtration plant for safe and potable drinking water. The school campus is vast and spacious enough to fulfil all the following requirements:


The verdant, beautiful campus of Sri PrakashVidyaniketan CBSE School, Pendurthi, is located just 30 minutes from the heart of Visakhapatnam City, near to NH-5.


The school’s splendid architecture acts as an inspiration for a child’s imagination. As educators, our primary concern is their learning, inspiration and empowerment. Along with excellent infrastructure, our school is equipped with premium facilities that are at par with schools around the globe.

The Atmosphere

We believe that the aesthetic and creative skills of every child must be honed to the fullest. To accomplish this, the Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, CBSE School, Pendurthi, provides scheduled activity periods for Sports, Art and Crafts.

Conference hall

In our effort to maintain international standards in every sphere, our Pendurthi campus’ Conference’s Hall is not only a convenient common space for all school activities, but also a spacious, calming and joyful environment where students feel motivated to enthusiastically explore and delve into deeper learning.
The indoor and outdoor spaces of our school campus at Pendurthi allow games and sports to flourish so that students can be physically and mentally active.
Our lush green, expansive campus is attractively landscaped, creating a welcoming environment and a pleasant arena for pupils' playtime. In this way, our students get to experience Nature as their teacher and learn by observing.

Activity/learning centre:

Club activities are a fun way to learn and practice skills that will help them express themselves with their individuality, and go a long way in shaping their gifts. Prakashites can choose to learn a myriad of arts, crafts, music and dance.
Our CBSE school in Pendurthi provides a rich variety of activities through its eight diverse clubs on the campus viz. Innovation club (ATL), Arts club, Mathematics club, Science club, Photography Club, Speakers forum, Dramatics club and Champs club.
The School also nurtures the young talents of various areas of interests such as School band, Congo, Tabla, Chess, Keyboard, Guitar and Yoga classes for meaningful engagement.
As educators we want to provide holistic learning and offer all-rounded development, and we always motivate our CBSE students to participate in contests and inter-school competitions.


Students with a strong academic foundation are potential leaders, artists, innovators and scientists. To help them become their highest self, our state-of-the-art laboratories for Life sciences, Physical sciences, Mathematics and well-furnished Computer labs are designed to support experiential learning.
Our teachers and facilitators help every child’s analytical & numerical abilities, language & problem-solving skills. They are also enhanced through these dedicated spaces for experimentation.

Class Rooms

A large, spacious classroom with fewer students is an ideal environment for the kids to give a flight to their imagination. This also allows teachers to give them individual attention and care. This was our key concern while laying the foundation of our CBSE school in Pendurthi.
As a part of teaching through the latest pedagogy, each of our classrooms is equipped with smart boards that make learning joyful and enjoyable. The positive vibes that one can feel within the corridors can make learning fun and enlightening, rather than an overwhelming and daunting task.


A child who reads
Is an adult who thinks
– Old saying
For centuries now, libraries have been a treasure trove of stories, ideas, illumination, and inspiration.
In addition to containing books pertinent to the needs of our students and faculty, our CBSE school library at Pendurthi has a substantial amount of knowledge material in electronic form, including Audio/Visual aids. It is also equipped with a comprehensive collection of textbooks, periodicals, reference books and storybooks.

Extra Curricular Activities

In today’s competitive world a child has to be multi-skilled and multi- talented, besides excelling in academics. To help overall development in his/her personality and other aptitudes, we provide different facilities like:

Basket Ball Court

Volleyball Court


Table Tennis



Play Pen

Art Craft



The School has its own fleet of air-conditioned buses, with well-planned routes and GPS tracking.

Academic Year

The academic session begins from April and continues up to March of the following year.

School Timings

A regular day at Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan CBSE School, Pendurthi usually starts at 8:30 a.m. and wraps up by 3:30 p.m. This includes the time set aside for sports and extracurricular activities. It also gives them ample time to rest afterward and prepare for the next day.
We are on a journey of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and are dedicating all our energy and efforts toward their success.