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Pre Primary

Pre Primary

Childhood should be filled with innumerable delightful moments and memories. However, with the constant pressure faced by parents and children, much of this innocence and joy is lost.
As adults, we ought to know that in the initial years, a child’s brain undergoes major development at a rapid pace. Intending to incorporate maximum learning with minimal pressure at this stage, we have constructed a unique curriculum for our pre-primary and primary school i.e the Early Years Program(EYP) for students of Playgroup, Nursery, K1, K2, Grade I and Grade II.
The tiny tots of our EYP classes of our Pre-Primary School in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) can explore their enormous talent that is waiting to be ignited by just the right spark.
The vibrant learning environment for the EYP children is a mixture of several methodologies like Montessori, Play-way theory and more. These, when brought together in a single curriculum, make their journey a bright and colourful one. We focus on strengthening their 2 foundation by improving the learners’ multiple intelligence, through
Best Pre-Primary Schools in Visakhapatnam ( Vizag )

Social & Emotional Development

When a child comes to our pre-primary school from the comfort zone of the home environment, the main challenge is how to manage his/her emotions.
We help the child to overcome this through social competence. Social competence not only involves the ability to cooperate with peers; it also includes the ability to show empathy, express feelings and share generously.
The warm atmosphere of our Pre-Primary School, Visakhapatnam (Vizag) – along with the dedicated teachers who prioritise developing learners’ social and emotional health – helps them to boost their self confidence and eradicates their emotional insecurity.

Cognitive And Intellectual Development

Intellectual development is all about learning. Every child has the ability to think and reason. Through fun and hands-on activities we help them learn facts and grasp basic academic concepts.
Intellectual development is all about learning. Every child has the ability to think and reason. Through fun and hands-on activities we help them learn facts and grasp basic academic concepts.

Language Development

Language and communication skills play a vital role in a child’s development. We engage the pre-primary kids of our Visakhapatnam (Vizag) school through activities based on conversation, interaction, storytelling, and rhymes, which help the child acquire a larger vocabulary.
We also help the child to develop phonological awareness. By the age of 6 kids are able to choose correct words to express themselves, and are also able to follow multi-step instructions. We inculcate a book reading habit from kindergarten so that each child will be able to read and interpret a story book in his / her early primary class.

Physical & Motor Development

Gross motor skills enable the movements that kids need for everyday tasks, from feeding themselves to moving from place to place. Kids develop certain motor skills at specific ages, but not every child will reach similar milestones at the same time.
Our teachers at Sriprakash Vidyaniketan conduct activities and games which help them to coordinate their movement, improve hand-to-eye coordination, and to grip and hold objects among other things.

Creative Skill Development

Every child is unique in some ways, and the specific creative skills he / she develops motivates them to become a lifelong learner. Our pre- primary students are given various opportunities to experiment with new ideas and learn from those experiences.
As educators, we feel it is our responsibility to supervise and support our kids, as their minds are a minefield of creativity which needs to be moulded and encouraged simultaneously.
At Sriprakash Vidyaniketan, we appreciate and encourage them to ask questions and help them to develop out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving skills, by giving them a space for creating what they want, being open and receptive to their ideas, and encouraging healthy competition.


  • Weekly Assessments – begin from Grade K1 and K2. The 20 minute objective tests act as checkpoints in a student’s academic schedule.
  • Periodic & Summative Assessments – The periodic and summative assessments begin from Grades I &II. Objective and Subjective tests are conducted once every term.
  • Our teaching methodology is a combination of international teaching methods and basic concepts of traditional values. Each classroom has its own learning culture, encouraging creative and application-based learning.
  • The Transition period from EYP to Primary is very challenging for a child. To ease this process during their pre-primary teaching, we have included Grades I & II in the Early Years Program, where a child can make use of his EYP skills in Primary 6 classes. This ensures that each student in the Early Year Program is instilled with a habit of learning the basic concepts of each subject.
  • As one of the best pre-primary schools in India, we believe that young minds are easily impressionable that is why we intend to make them comfortable in stepping out of their comfort zones to learn and prosper.