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World Heritage Exhibition 18th April, 2022

We the present living do not understand the value of what we have, rather we later put ourselves together to find out what we had lost Something similar was what I had seen in our heritage exhibition. The former generation of ours did use one–third of our whole collection when they were half or their present, but as they had a glance towards our heritage collections their cheeks, went red with joy & curiosity.

Our Grandparents did sit in the edge of their seats to tell us about the purity of our heritage, Back then we failed to listen giving a statement that we lacked time. Now, the heritage exhibition conducted by SRUJANA and hosted by our school Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam has allocated ample amount of time for all of those who wish to come.

A number of them stepped forward and listened to each one of us explaining the heritage contributed this time none made excuses instead spent their precious time in knowing the purity of our heritage. They enjoyed a diversed collection displayed in the Heritage Exhibition which started with the collection of old idols followed by brass ware, Glass ware, old tape, books, and concluded with our traditional ware sarees.

Taking a sight of all the elders who were immersed in their past world. At that moment a wish I made to myself was that, “This Heritage Exhibition should be continuing till the end and bring joy and happiness to every generation.


Heritage Exhibition – A road to the past culture and tradition was held on 18th and 19th of April in our school heritage club Srujana. They ware articles of various types on display like the age-old photographs, cameras, brassware, coins ranging from 100 – to 300 years old. The stone grinders, showpieces, and newspapers of the 1960 S attracted a lot of crowds.

The 300 years old dagger was one of the exclusive items in the heritage Exhibition. It was the oldest heritage item displayed at the exhibition which fascinated everyone to their cores

The exhibition has created a wonderful opportunity for everyone to acquire knowledge about their past tradition and culture. There were enumerous spectators from different age groups who spent their quality time in attaining knowledge about the things that were used in olden days. It has enlightened us to preserve the heritage for future generations.



Namaste, This is R. Yaswanth of Class X. Today, I want to share my experience during the heritage exhibition. I am glad that I have got an opportunity for being a part of Srujana Club. Being a part of Srujana club, I have learnt many new things such as preserving and protecting our heritage and many more. I have also interacted with the guest Edward Paul Sir. He is a heritage enthusiast and a member of Visakhapatnam Intach Club.

When I looked at all those items at exhibition, I wondered and I amazed but I didn’t know how those items were used or why they were used and when I saw sir Edward Paul observing these Historical items, I found him recollecting his memories of childhood. He was enthralled with the collection of Historical Artifacts. His message to everyone was to preserve and protect the heritage.

As the saying goes: Old is Gold and preserving our heritage helps in the preservation of the glory of the past. Finally, This was a wonderful experience, I have ever had.



A person without the knowledge of their past, origin and culture is like a tree with no roots. This exhibition was the place where we could strengthen our roots of knowledge and life. It is through this Srujana Heritage Club that I came to know about this vast culture of India. We had several coins, currencies which told us about the economy of the past and how our ancestors purchased things. There were several black and white photographs of my friends parents, grandparents and even great grandparents which gave us a lot of information about this style of livelihood. We had a numerous amount of idols and the brass vessels and utensils in which our ancestors cooked and ate. There were cameras, air rifles, wooden toys, certificates, bravery medals, etc. which fascinated me. The items which “Exclusively” pulled my attention were a 300 year old dagger which was given to my friend’s ancestor by the king of Vijaynagara, A 150 year old book called the Andhra Bhagavatam, Movie Shield, old photograph with Madam Indira Gandhi. This was really a great opportunity to explore this ethnic and secular diversity of India. I would like to thank the School Management for giving me this golden chance to participate in this exhibition.



It was a great honour to be a member of the Young Intach Club. The purity of our heritage left me with a lot of positivity and joy. This heritage exhibition conducted at Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan has left me with an immeasurable amount of curiosity to learn more about our customs and traditions. It was a proud moment for me to explain about some valuable old things. It was like giving a speech at an award show. The smiles given by parents towards me, was a moment of enter me happiness & joy. The parents drifting into their past days and leaving out a smile clearly showed their willingness to go back to the past. Their smiles shouted a lot of emotions. Like – affection, sorrow, joy and regret me, who witnessed all those emotions in their sad smiles, made me feel to go back in the past and view every little moment of happiness in those days. The journey to the heritage exhibition started with idos and came to an end with some old traditional sarees. The old idols, brassware, glassware, wooden toys, books, photography, radios, cameras and most importantly the Dagger were the best heritage items. We had collected. The Dragger which was above 300 years old gave me a proud feeling that one of my friend belongs to the royal family. This heritage exhibition taught me the value of heritage. The phrase “Old is Gold” seemed to be justified in this exhibition. I am sincerely thankful to be a member of the Heritage Club.



A Heritage Exhibition was conducted by members of Srujana. The heritage club of Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Pendurthi, on the occasion of World Heritage Day on Monday (18.04.2022).

I being one of the member participated in the exhibition and felt very happy to explain about the age old items. The exhibition started with the inauguration by the Chief Guest Mr. V. Edward Paul, Intach member. Me along with my friends displayed nearly 300 ancient items.

In the exhibition there were many amazing things like a movie shield given to one of my friends’ grandmother for a movie called “Mudda Mandaram which was 50 years old, A 300 years old dagger which was given by Sri Vijayanagar Empire to my friend’s Great-grandfather, some mini cooking utensils which our ancestors used to cook with and a mini toy bed which was made by an old 70 year old carpenter with a small piece of wood.

We as students try to preserve the age old items, culture, artifacts and pass it to the next generations.




Every year 18th April is celebrated as World Heritage Day in order to spread awareness about our culture and natural heritage around the world.

Our school Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, Visakhapatnam has celebrated the occasion for three days, i.e., 18th to 20th April 2022.

I Dhanya of class IX have participated along with my friends in the event. Our teacher guided all of us regarding the importance of the programme and made us perfectly ready for the explanation to all the visitors.

I explored all the items which were more than 20 years old. The oldest item was the 300 year old dagger which personally I liked the most as I have keen interest in history.

Overall, I had a great experience and it left an impact in my mind as a student. I feel myself lucky to participate in the Heritage Exhibition.