Admission Procedure - Sriprakash Schools Vizag

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure


Admission into all classes is subject to vacancies arising. Application forms and prospectus are issued at the school office. The duly filled application form is required to be submitted in the school office.
Minimum age for admission as on 30th June of the year is as follows.
Grade Minimum Age
2 years 6 months
3 years 6 months
4 years 6 months
1 std.
5 years 6 months
(and so on for upper classes)


One application form is applicable for one student only.
Registration does not guarantee admission.
Application registration, once paid are non refundable.
The academic year is divided into 2 terms commencing from April to March of subsequent year.

School timings : Monday to Saturday

  1. Certificate of Date of Birth(Original)
  2. Transfer Certificate (original)
  3. Four Photographs (not more than 3months old)
  4. Declaration by the parents.
  5. Marks statement copy of previous class.
  6. Photo copy of Aadhar Card of Student and Parents.

Documents to be submitted:

Working Hours

8.30 am to 3.30 pm(Kapuluppada)

8am to 3.40pm (TPT colony & Pendurthi)
Second Saturday of each month

Our Outfit:

Monday to Thursday
Nursery to V
Cream Shorts, Red checked
shirts (Half sleeve)
Black sports shoes,
White socks, School Belt
Red checked tunic frock, Cream shirt, Black sports shoes, White socks,
School Belt, Two plaits with black ribbons.
Fancy accessories (colourful clips, bands, flowers, ear rings) are not allowed.
Black Knee length slacks should be worn under the tunic.
Monday to Thursday
VI to X
Cream Trousers, Red checked shirts (Half sleeve) Black sports shoes, White socks, School Belt.
Punjabi Dress - Red checked Kurtha, Cream colour Pyjama, Cream Chunni, Black sports Shoes, White Socks, Two plaits with black ribbons.


I to X

Nursery to UKG

Kurta Pyjama & White Shoes & White Socks

White shorts & shirts, white shoes & white socks, school belt.

LKG, UKG - White tunic frock with white shoes & white socks.

I - VI - Whit kurta with white legging, white shoes, white socks, Two plaits with white ribbons.

VII - X - White Punjabi dress, White chunni, White shoes, White socks, Two plaits with white ribbons.
Saturday I to IX
House Dress & Blacksports Shoes & White Socks.
House Dress, Black sports Shoes & white socks.
Nursery to UKG
Same as Monday to Thursday dress
Same as Monday to Thursday dress.
Winter Wear
Plain Cherry Red Cardigan or pullover.
ID Card is a must once the child is in the campus.

Trendy and stylish hair cuts are not allowed.