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12 Best Notepad++ Dark Themes Download for Free

Whenever a QR Code with your logo appears anywhere, your audience or customers will not hesitate to scan it as it makes them feel secure about the legitimacy of the QR Code. The game designers at eGo Gaming Studios are known for their hidden characters and levels in their games. As a way to market … Read more

SOLVED How To Auto-Format Indent XML HTML in Notepad++

Most of its features are derived from an embedded Python interpreter. Some features are really great and they are hard to find in other text editors. For example, as you write, ‘Coda Pops’ gives you easy controls to quickly create color and gradients. The Find and Replace has ‘Wildcard’ token which converts RegEx into one-button … Read more

How to Compare Document Text Using Windows 10

You can change the color from “compare plugin” option. PyCharm lets you review the differences between any files, folders, text sources, or database objects, as well as between local files and their repository versions. Beyond Compare claims that it’s a focused comparison tool. That’s because with this tool, you can use simple, yet powerful commands … Read more

Convert Word and PDF files to HTML Free online HTML editor

Relying on a 95% success rate, it is far ahead of other competitors. Moreover, iTop allows people to preview the lost file before restoring it, providing remarkable convenience. Right-click it to expand a drop-down menu and choose the Restore option to recover it to where it was. Tap on Search…or Browse for filesto find the … Read more